Lessons learned from the Mid-Term Evaluation of the UNFPA Supplies Programme (2013-2020)

Euro Health Group was the external independent evaluator on the mid-term evaluation assessing the progress made in the implementation of the UNFPA Supplies Programme from 2013 to 2017, covering all 46 focus countries of the programme. The evaluation results are clustered around strengthening the enabling environment for promoting family planning as a priority intervention; addressing demand and improving access to quality reproductive health; addressing gender equality and social inclusion; improving efficiency of procurement; bolstering programme coordination and management and strengthening UNFPA Supplies in humanitarian situations. 

The evaluation recommendations were co-authored by the Evaluation Reference Group, based on the independent conclusions of the report. This participatory approach maintained throughout the evaluation process was instrumental in ensuring that the results of the mid-term evaluation will have a meaningful and practical impact on the operation of UNFPA Supplies as it moves towards 2020.

Read more and see the video from UNFPA Evaluation Office with Louis Charpentier (Evaluation Manager) and Gifty Addico (Chief, Commodity Security Branch) on the use of evaluation results to expand access to family planning: Mid-Term Evaluation of the UNFPA Supplies programme