EHG conducted a workshop at the World Congress on Public Health 2020

The World Congress on Public Health 2020 (WCPH2020) was held online from 12-16 October 2020. The main theme of the congress was “Public Health for the Future of Humanity: Analysis, Advocacy, and Action”. On 15 October, EHG, together with the School of Public Health & Health Management from Belgrade, Serbia, participated in the WCPH2020 with the workshop, “Returning disease prevention and health promotion back to the table: from the 1980ies to the 2050ies”. Our workshop consisted of 5 presentations dealing with different aspects of health promotion and prevention of disease, in line with the overall topic of WCPH2020. We talked about the burden of disease in Albania, gender-responsive health promotion and NCD prevention in Kyrgyzstan, HIV and AIDs-targeted health promotion in Tanzania, mapping the future of health promotion, and we also gave an overview of European schools of public health from both theoretical and practical aspect of their work. All five presentations can be found below.

We are proud to have taken part in something new – this is the first online public health congress - it was very exciting to be able to contribute to a new chapter in professional exchange of opinions. We would like to thank the organizers for the smooth facilitation.