Health Services Development

Hospital Planning and Management 

Hospital organisation and management are vital areas of health programme and health services development. Restructuring hospital and facility systems aims for greater efficiency, cost reduction, quality improvement and introduction of modern technology, including medical imaging and computerised information systems. EHG is a leading resource for hospital financial planning and management and for hospital institutional restructuring and organisational development. EHG offers technical expertise and assistance to Ministries of Health, local and regional health management bodies and the management of private and public hospitals in service planning, restructuring, strategic planning and business plan development, quality management, IT, capacity building and medical training, introduction of diagnostic related groups (DRG), infrastructure development and medical equipment planning and procurement.

Primary Health Care 

At the International Conference on Primary Health Care in 1978, global health organisations and national governments promised to work together towards providing people with basic health services through the primary health care approach by ensuring more equitable, appropriate and effective responses to basic health needs. Although the approach has been met with relatively low priority by policy makers in developing countries and technical agencies, it remains globally recognised that quality primary health care is of utmost importance in resource challenged settings and that emphasis must be placed on universal access and coverage based on health needs, promotion of health, prevention of disease and enhanced inter-sectoral collaboration and community participation. To that extent, EHG works with institutions, NGOs and government agencies to support the delivery of primary care through policy and legislature development focusing on interventions that are efficient and cost-effective, research efforts and quality improvements. EHG also offers advisory services to address human resource challenges for delivering effective primary health care with a focus on decentralisation of services.

Health Management Information Systems (HMIS)

Accurate, reliable and timely information and statistics on health outcomes, service delivery indicators and overall performance are essential requirements for health managers worldwide to enable them to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate health programmes. An effective and efficient HMIS provides operational information on policy implementation in addition to providing health managers with reliable and timely day-to-day information about the impact of their interventions. EHG provides expertise in all areas of health information with a strong focus on building information systems that consolidate data from different sources into one platform facilitating access to data.  EHG designs and develops information systems often based on the open source District Health Information Systems (DHIS) web application. The DHIS helps improve reporting timeliness, completeness and accuracy thereby ensuring an uninterrupted flow of high quality information for data analysis and planning, policy making and overall management. Through trainings and on-the-job coaching, EHG also develops the capacity of individuals and institutions to implement and use the HMIS in a correct and coherent manner.