Environmental Health - Specialising in Waste Management

Health care waste management entails segregation of health care waste, sterilisation of such waste and subsequent disposal. The inadequate management of health care waste not only poses a significant health and hygienic risk to health care works, staff, patients and those tasked with disposal of the waste, but is also a source of environmental pollution.

EHG provides technical support to Ministries of Health to develop effective and efficient systems for the collection, storage, treatment and disposal of health care waste in accordance with country and international directives. Our support targets development of health care waste management regulation including legal frameworks, comprehensive strategies and national guidelines and action plans for health care waste management at the facility level. EHG also provides capacity building aimed at effective and efficient use of waste disposal equipment and assists Ministries of Health in designing and implementing awareness campaigns targeting health workers with information on health, safety and environmental issues related to health care waste management.

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